North Scituate Train Canopy Restoration
Approved - In Progress
Project Description
The CPC has voted to recommend $175,000 for the partial removal and restoration of the train canopy at the North Scituate Railroad Station. The original referral for this project came from the Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator to the Historical Commission, due to their concern with the decaying canopy and vandalism affecting the canopy and the rear of the Railroad Station building.

The Historical Commission researched the property and found that it was designed by F. W. Mellor in 1910, a noted architect for several railroad stations on the east coast during this time period, making the structure of significant historical significance to Scituate. After consulting a noted restoration company, the Historical Commission determined the most cost effective restoration approach would be to remove the portion of the canopy behind the Railroad Station, and utilize the removed parts to extend the existing canopy to the north side of the building. Currently, both the rear of the old Railroad Station as well as the canopy itself have fallen into disrepair and have been besieged with vandalism. The Railroad Station building owner has agreed to cooperate with the Town in this restoration project by providing an easement allowing for completion of the work and by agreeing to improve the rear of his building by removing debris, graffiti, and installing security lighting to dissuade future vandalism in that area.

The Historical Commission has indicated that the project is supported by the Town Administrator, DPW, Police Department, and by North Scituate Merchants and neighbors.

This project clearly meets the funding requirements and goals of the Community Preservation Act by providing for preservation of a historically significant structure. The restored canopy should not impose any significant future maintenance costs to the Town, and the improvements to the canopy and RR Station building will hopefully decrease vandalism and other negative impacts of the decaying structure in the North Scituate area. This project will serve to have the newly restored canopy as a focal point in North Scituate.