Plymouth County Atlas Restoration
Completed Project
Project Description
Plymouth County Atlas
The Plymouth County Atlas, which dates back to 1903 with color maps of the towns within Plymouth, is in large format, approximately 18"x24". The Atlas is fully complete, making it rare, as very few of these books still exist in complete form. It features the placement of houses and out buildings on properties within the town, streets are identified and some topographical features. Researchers find the book extremely helpful because it shows what the area looked like in a specific time frame.

Prior to restoration, the Atlas was in such poor shape it could no longer be in the main library. The first third of the book needed extensive restoration, with deacidification and repairs to some of the pages, and the cover was very loose and needed to be reattached.

This funding also restored a rare Navigation Workbook from the 1700's, hand written and illustrated. The value of this book is in its rarity and uniqueness.

During the restoration process both works were put on microfilm and discs in order to be accessible by the general public.

Both fully restored books can now be seen at the Scituate Historical Society's Little Red Schoolhouse.

This project fully meets the requirements of the Town’s CPC goals for historical resources by recognizing, preserving and enhancing the historical heritage and character for the Town’s current residents and future generations.
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