Driftway/North River Public Access
Completed Project
Project Description
Driftway/North River Public Access
This funding request is for the continued implementation of portions of the "DriftwayPark/North River Public Access Plan." This phase of the plan will enable the completion of the trail by paving from the turn to 3rd cliff to the existing sidewalk on New Kent Street. A pedestrian crossing will be established there so walkers can use the existing sidewalk to access the harbor while a bicycle path will be striped on the east side of New Kent Street. This will be a major milestone in safe pedestrian and recreation connectivity from Greenbush to the Harbor for the town's residents. Funds also provide for installation of guard rails for the new area as well as from James Landing to the Driftway Park.

The second portion of this request is to begin the creation of a one mile trail across the salt marshes to the North River on abandoned railroad bed. This includes completing the James Landing loop by connecting the former railroad bed to the trail that winds around the edge of the salt marsh behind James Landing Condominiums and makes its way out to the Driftway. In order to do this the existing trail will be cleared and upgraded from the parking area by the Dunkin' Donuts to the First Herring Brook. Two culverts will be installed and a gravel path created over the salt marsh dike behind South Shore Auto thereby allowing access to the James Landing Loop.

The third portion of this request, $35,000, is for design and permitting only of a foot bridge that would span the Herring Brook and thereby open up pedestrian/bicyclist access to the remaining three-quarter mile length of railroad bed out to the North River.
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