Mirarchi Property Acquisition
Approved - In Progress
Project Description
This prjoect is funding the acquisition of approximately 5 acres of undeveloped open space land with substantial direct frontage on the Scituate Reservoir, with Country Way to the east. This property is located just south of Steverman Farm, with a common boundary.

The CPC voted to acquire the property for the lesser of $35,000 or, its fair market value as determined by independent appraisal to be contracted by the CPC.

The land under consideration is mostly wetland, but with significant frontage on Scituate’s main potable water supply. It is also a wildlife habitat, supporting various forms of wildlife. Due to the fact that the property consists largely of wetlands with no real buildable area, the Mirarchi Family has agreed to offer the property for purchase via its application with the CPC for substantially less than the $17,000 per acre that the Town has typically paid for other recommended land acquisitions.

The CPC has solicited input from other Town boards regarding this wetland resource, and this parcel has been highly rated for acquisition by the Scituate Water Resources Committee, receiving a score of 41 out of a possible 47 points. It has also been recommended for acquisition by the Conservation Commission.

The property meets Community Preservation goals for open space by protecting a critical water resource and protecting wildlife habitat. This project is not expected to require the Town to incur any material future operating or maintenance expense.

Letters of Support
Conservation Commission
The Conservation Commission would like to offer their support for the purchase of the Mirarchi Family Property, behind 241 Country Way for open space and passive recreation. This property abuts the Town of Scituate reservoir and provides protection for our town's drinking water. In keeping with the Commission's goals and objectives, we would like CPC to recommend this...
Water Resources Committee
This is an evaluation of the Mirarchi property from the perspective of water resources. The Scituate Water Resources Committee has reviewed this property according to the attached criteria. Included is the score and basis upon which the score was selected. The WRC considers this property to be a High Priority with a score of 41 out of a possible 47.