Litchfield Property Acquisition
Completed Project
Project Description
Litchfield Preserve
The funds allowed the purchase of a 40-acre parcel of land from the Litchfield family, another significant portion of the largest piece of forested upland (400 acres) in Scituate.

In order to preserve the land, the Maxwell Conservation Trust purchased the property using borrowed funds in 2004. This purchase transferred ownership to the Town in order to maintain the land as open space in perpetuity.

A portion of the land (although located in Scituate) is within the Cohasset watershed boundary. The Cohasset Water Commission expressed their desire to protect the watershed by making a financial commitment of $100,000 towards the purchase of the land. A conservation restriction is held jointly by the Cohasset Water Commission and the Maxwell Trust with management control of the property by the Scituate Conservation Commission.

This project fully meets the requirements of the Town’s CPC goals for open space by enhancing the quality and variety of passive and active recreational opportunities for Town residents, while protecting environmentally sensitive, historic and culturally significant properties.
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