Scituate Lighthouse Seawall
$475,000 and $200,000
Approved - In Progress
Project Description
The CPC has voted to recommend funding in the total amount of $475,000 for the design, permitting and construction of seawalls and/or revetments to protect the existing Scituate Lighthouse.

The Scituate Lighthouse was constructed in 1811 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is one of the most historic structures under the custody of the Scituate Historical Society. Over the years, there has been a degradation of the granite stone work protecting the structure and the walkways and is due to significant storm damage.

This project as approved by the CPC is based upon a two-step or phased approach to reverse this degradation and provide protection of the building structure. Such protection is consistent with the purposes of the CPA by providing protection of significant historical resources and preserving the Town’s historical heritage. This work effort is intended to address the steps and work that is necessary to protect the lighthouse.

The first step or phase of the project is an evaluation phase whereby an engineering analysis is performed to determine the optimum way of protecting the lighthouse. It is expected to address the feasibility of extending the existing seawall, the possible use of a stone revetment or possibility of adding offshore protection to reduce the impact of storm surges. This result of the analysis is to provide direction and provide bid documents to prepare the RFP. The estimated cost for Phase 1 is limited to $ 50,000 and this estimated budget is deemed adequate by the Town DPW based on similar seawall work bid for the Town. At the completion of Phase 1, the Applicant will present the results to CPC. CPC approval and authorization will be required before any funds can be utilized for Phase 2.

Phase 2 will consist of actually issuing the RFP and then proceeding to permit and complete the actual work. The estimated cost for this effort is limited to a total of $425,000 plus any remaining funds not expended in Phase 1. The total approved amount for this project is up to $475,000. This total budget, like the analysis estimate, is based on the Town's previous experiences with seawall construction.

This two phase approach is consistent with other projects funded through CPC and allows specific controls to insure that the money is spent wisely and in concert with mandated CPC guidelines.

The project qualifies for CPA funding by providing protection for a significantly historic structure. The project should actually provide a cost savings to the Town with respect to the future maintenance/repair of any seawall/revetment in this area, as well as protecting the lighthouse and obviating or at least minimizing the need for repairs from future storm damage.