Scituate Lighthouse Logbook Restoration
Completed Project
Project Description
The CPC has voted to recommend funding in the total amount of $6,670 for preserving six logbooks found in the Scituate Light House covering the years 1891-1911. The books will be restored, de-acidified, and mended. Additionally they will be scanned for digital research.

The Scituate Historical Society has received a $200 grant to reduce the town’s obligation from an anticipated cost of $6,870.

The Scituate Lighthouse was constructed in 1811 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is one of the most historic structures owned by the Town and it is under the care and custody of the Scituate Historical Society.

The Scituate Historical Commission has deemed the records for preservation historically significant. Such preservation is consistent with the purposes of the CPA by providing protection of significant historical resources and preserving the Town’s historical heritage.

The project qualifies for CPA funding by providing for preservation of a historically significant artifact.

The Scituate Historical Commission has also recommended this project and sees the benefits to those interested in research for this time period.