Lawson Gate Pillars Renovation
Completed Project
Project Description
The CPC has voted to recommend the sum of $9,000 of a total project cost of $10,000 to fund the restoration of the Lawson Gate Pillars on Branch Street in Scituate. The remaining $1,000 of project funds will be contributed by the Applicant.

The Lawson Gates on Branch Street were built by Thomas W. Lawson at the same time as he built his Dreamwold estate in 1902. They were designated as a Scituate Historical Site by vote of the 1972 Annual Town Meeting. From Fiscal 2001 to 2004, the Town restored all parts of the gates with the exception of the two short roadside pillars at a cost of $44,200. The two short pillars were not repaired at that time, since they were still in reasonably good condition. They have since deteriorated to the point where the Historical Society believes such repairs are required to properly maintain and preserve these structures.

The work consists of replacing and/or repairing all structural components of the end pillars, custom fabrication and replacement of original one hundred year old moldings, and priming and repainting all components.

The Scituate Historical Commission deems the Lawson Gate Pillars to be a unique architectural object and the Scituate Historical Commission intends to file a For F-Structure Document with the Massachusetts Historical Commission to add these gate pillars to Scituate’s inventory of historic structures.

The project qualifies for funding since the Lawson Gates are a historically significant structure in the Town of Scituate. There is no long term adverse operating cost/effect on the Town of Scituate expected as a result of this project, and in fact, the project should obviate the need for expenditure of Town funds to maintain these structures.