Hubbell Preserve Acquisition
Pending Project
Project Description
The Scituate CPC voted to recommend funding of a total of $226,000 to acquire the Hubbell property, which consists of 16.26 acres and is located between North Scituate Village and Minot Beach. The land is bordered by 16.4 acres of conservation land donated to the Town in the late 1960s by Dick Hubbell, as well as an additional 19 acres of open space which is privately owned. The Hubbell property is further bounded by Cavanagh Road and Indian Trail. There are no structures on the property, however a hiking trail has been cut deep into the property and there is real potential to extend this trail through the existing Town land all the way to Gannett Road. There are nice views of marshes and the ocean as well as the Gulf River. The Hubbell Family requests that if the Town purchases this property, that the resulting contiguous 32.66 acres of open space be named the “Hubbell Preserve” and that signage be erected stating this. The CPC has voted to endorse this recommendation.

The purchase of this property is consistent with the open space provisions of the Community Preservation Act. It will protect wildlife habitat and support recreational hiking in an area of Scituate that does not have much protected open space. Many abutters and neighbors have actively supported this project, as has the Conservation Commission. The property has no discernable water resource value.

The purchase price was determined by calculating the amount of upland and wetland areas and using historical prices paid for such land types by CPC. The resultant price for the land, at $13,000 per acre, is lower than the originally proposed $17,000 per acre. The total amount of $226,000 approved by the CPC is not to exceed $211,380 for land acquisition, with an additional $14,620 for appraisal, legal costs and survey.

The project qualifies for funding as acquisition of open space under applicable CPA guidelines.