Hatherly School Athletic Fields
$200,000 and $57,500
Completed Project
Project Descriptions
Athletic Fields
This project funded the construction of an athletic field at the Hatherly School.
Fence and Parking
In conjunction with the new athletic field at Hatherly School the Recreation Commission asked for additional funding to install a fence around the perimeter of the field and to add additional parking.

The fence serves two main purposes. First it serves as a security barrier, not allowing cars to drive across the field and damage it. Secondly, it provides safety for all participants using the field. Balls do not roll into the street/parking area or into the wooded field, which is privately owned.

With the large numbers of children using the field the old limited parking spaces filled up quickly forcing parking in the driveway and out on the street, causing a dangerous situation. The PTO and principal of Hatherly School asked that as many new parking spots as possible be added. The buffer zone between the end of the field and Ann Vinal Road accommodates up to forty additional spaces.
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