Harborwalk/Bike Path
Approved - In Progress
Project Description
Artist Rendition - Entrance to Harborwalk
This project is funding a Scituate Harbor seaside promenade in the amount of $220,000. The Town of Scituate Harbormaster has secured an additional $20,000 in private donations for this proposed project.

The Harborwalk Project consists of the design and construction of a promenade along Scituate Harbor at the southerly edge of Cole Parkway from Front Street to the Lucien Rousseau Landing. The project will complete a trail system which provides access for both walkers and cyclists from the Greenbush area along the Driftway and Kent Street, and ultimately into Scituate’s harbor.

The project has received the resounding endorsement of the Planning Board, Conservation Commission, Recreation Commission, Historic Society and Waterways Commission. Further, the Planning Board has stated that the project is consistent with the Town’s Master Plan and the Harbor Access Plan. The project meets the Community Preservation Act criteria by providing open space to provide for passive recreational activities.

The project will also provide interpretive signage along the Harborwalk detailing the important people, places, and events occurring in the history of this area of Scituate.

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Letters of Support
Conservation Commission
The Conservation Commission has voted to support the Harbor Walk project behind Cole Parkway, thie walkway would connect the Driftway Phase II path diectly to the inner harbor area. People would be able to safely walk or bike from the Driftway area to the harbor. We feel this project will enhance the harbor area and it meets the criteria for CPC funding...
Recreation Commission
I am writing to strongly endorse the proposed Harborwalk Project presented to our members by Harbormaster Mark Patterson on November 19, 2009. After Harbormaster Patterson's presentation and subsequent discussion of the project, we concluded that the Harborwalk is a community enhancing project that will serve both Scituate residents and visitors who travel to our town for both...
Scituate Historical Society
The Scituate Historical Society is pleased to add its support to the Scituate Harbor Walk concept being proposed by Harbormaster Mark Patterson. It is our understanding the first phase of the project is to install signage along the walkways of Cole Parkway and the Welch Company Marina area. This signage will be of great benefit to Scituate residents and visitors alike and will preserve...
Scituate Waterways Commission
The Scituate Waterways Commission enthusiastically supports the establishment of a pedestrian promenade along the southern edge of Cole Parkway and unanimously endorses the application of Harbormaster Mark Patterson to obtain funding through the Community Preservation Committee for its construction. The concept of a harbor walk is very attractive for the town and would...