Adaptive Re-use of Gates School
Pending Project
Project Description
The CPC has voted to recommend funding in the amount of $65,000 for a study to explore the feasibility of (i) restoration of the historically significant portions of the Gates Middle School building; and (ii) if restoration is feasible, a further scope to include exploration of the adaptive reuses of that building.

The building condition will determine if restoration is feasible, and if so, will ultimately determine its use. The intent is to have an analysis for school and town uses. The school piece is somewhat, but not completely, documented by the January 2004 Habeeb Report previously obtained by the Town and that report will be provided to any selected vendor. In brief, the Habeeb Report notes that even though a school building, it lacks many current school amenities such as auditorium, music room, or language lab. The 2004 student enrollment at Gates School exceeded square footage allowances per pupil identified by the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA). Municipal uses would be determined by the Board of Selectmen and itemized prior to, and included in a Request for Proposal. Past suggested uses have included, but are not limited to, Senior Center, Recreation, Community Center, Town Offices, or a combination of all or others.

The Scituate Historical Commission has supplied the CPC with its determination that the main section of the Gates School fa├žade is historically significant, therefore restoration of this portion of the structure qualifies for CPA funding.