First Baptist Church
$5,000 and $8,000
Completed Project
Project Description
This project is funding two requests for the First Baptist Church of Scituate:

First Baptist Church National Register Nomination

Funding of up to $5,000 to engage necessary services to apply for the nomination of the First Baptist Church to the National Register of Historic Places. A PAL-Form B has been completed which confirms that the First Baptist Church, which dates back prior to 1869, qualifies for nomination under multiple National Register criteria including recognizing the contribution that the Baptist Society and the church has made to Scituate’s history. Based upon the PAL-Form B, the project meets the criteria and qualifies under the Historical Criteria of the CPC.

We are awaiting approval of the National Register listing, and that may take several years.
First Baptist Church Historical Records Preservation

Funding for up to $8,000 to preserve historical documents that relate to the history of the members and operation of the historical First Baptist Church and by extension to Scituate’s history. The CPC has required that the documents be reviewed by a professional conservator at a funding amount not to exceed $1,000, and the results reported back to CPC. Subject to those recommendation and CPC concurrence, the balance of the funding will become available for expenditure. Once the records are preserved, the First Baptist Church has agreed that they will be placed in the care and custody of the Town Archivist in a secure and climate controlled areas, subject to the rights of the First Baptist Church to have reasonable access to those records.

The project meets the goals of Historical Preservation under the Community Preservation Act by providing assistance in the preservation of significant historical resources.

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