Ellis Estate
$5,000 and $3,000
Approved - In Progress
Project Description
Ellis Estate
The Ellis Estate is currently occupied and maintained by The Scituate Arts Association. The property is in need of major funding for restoration and repair, beyond what the CPC felt it could fund out of its current resources. Listing on the National Register of Historic Places will lend credibility to the historical significance of the Ellis Estate, and will hopefully provide increased opportunities to secure grant funding for the long-term preservation as well as historical interpretation to further educate our residents and visitors of Scituate’s rich historical heritage.

This project fully meets the requirements of the Town’s CPC goals for historical resources by recognizing, preserving and enhancing the historical heritage and character for the Town’s current and future generations.
National Register of Historic Places Listing
The $5,000 funding provided is to fund an application to have the Town-owned Ellis Estate in North Scituate placed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Updated Preservation Plan
The CPC has voted to fund the sum of $3,000 to assist in the development of an updated historical preservation plan for the so-called Ellis House owned by the Town of Scituate. An Updated Ellis House Preservation Plan will provide a professionally developed outline of work recommendations based upon cost and priority for a gradual restoration of the Ellis House.

The project consists of updating the 1988 rehabilitation and re-use study prepared for the Ellis House, headquarters of the Scituate Art Association (SAA) and rented from the Town by the SAA since c.1971. Present conditions will be documented and evaluated, and recommendations for future work will be described and prioritized in a report generated by a consultant, one who is on recommendation lists by both Preservation Mass and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. An updated preservation plan was strongly suggested by both these granting agencies as a logical precursor to more specific grants since it will provide a professional survey and assessment of existing conditions.

This request for funding towards an Ellis House Updated Preservation Plan is a continuation of the SAA's ongoing effort to assure the preservation of the Ellis House. The SAA recently received notice of matching grant awards of $2,500 from the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Northeast Office and from Preservation Massachusetts for $1,500. The SAA is requesting the balance of the consultant’s fee, $3,000, from CPC funding and will meet the expenses and per diem travel of the consultant from the SAA’s budget. The SAA has worked with a consultant selected by the Scituate Historical Commission to develop this budget.

The project is expected to begin as soon as possible after town meeting.

The project meets CPA criteria for funding as a historically significant structure, and the development of this plan may allow access to funding for preservation of the Ellis House. The continuation of the maintenance of the Ellis House by the SAA functionally saves the Town the cost of maintaining same, or in the alternative, the costs of maintaining an empty structure should the SAA not be allowed to proceed with this plan.

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