Egypt Community Park
Completed Project
Project Description
This pocket/destination park was brought to the CPC by the residents of the Egypt area, and has been reduced in scope from the original request of $245,000. CPC has agreed to pay 75% of the cost of the project up to $100,000, with the 25% match coming from other sources including in-kind work.

The Town-owned property is located at the corner of Captain Pierce Road, Curtis Street and Lawson Road, diagonally across from the Egypt Country Store. Directly behind are the train tracks and Town DPW. It was originally the site of the railroad station Thomas Lawson built in the early 1900's to serve his new estate, "Dreamwold." Most recently it served as the P&B bus stop.

The park will link with other pedestrian/bicycle destinations in town. The plan provides for a path with benches and low maintenance, native plants. In addition the Sean Powell Memorial will be restored.
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