Driftway Pedestrian/Bicycle Trail - Phase II
Approved - In Progress
Project Description
Driftway Pedestrian/Bicycle Trail
The funding approved in the amount of $82,000 is for the completion of the already largely constructed bicycle and pedestrian path along the Driftway from Greenbush to Scituate Harbor.

Due to increased costs of construction, including asphalt and other raw materials, additional funding is required to complete this existing CPC-funded project. The Scituate Conservation Commission has applied for grant funding that may become available for these project costs. In the event such grant funding is received, the project costs above will be reduced by such funding, and the unexpended balance will be returned to CPC’s unrestricted funds.

The project meets CPC criteria and goals relating to recreational use of land.
The People for Active Transportation and Health (PATH) is an organization established in 2002 which represents a small group of Scituate residents whose goal is to facilitate and encourage walking and bicycling as a convenient, safe and practical form of transportation. PATH recognizes the dire public health and safety need for a better bicycle and pedestrian system throughout Scituate for a number of reasons, including (1) the increased foot traffic associated with commuters walking and biking to the train stations since October 2007, (2) the fatality of a senior pedestrian in N. Scituate last year and the severe accident of an adolescent pedestrian recently and (3) the positive effect on our environment and our health.

PATH pursued off-road active transportation options with a CPC funded Rail-with-Trail feasibility study in June 2005. The study identified a "Grand Loop" around Scituate as a priority route for bicycle and pedestrian transportation. As the rail-with-trail was not accomodated by the MBTA, this application is for a segment of on-road trail on Gannett Road.
Project Potential
Scituate's "Grand Loop" is being considered as a part of a larger South Shore Greenway - a network of natural corridors and walking and bicycling paths connecting destinations and open sace in Hull, Hingham, Cohasset, Norwell, and Scituate. PATH, as a part of Sustainable South Shore, is working with The Conway School of Landscape Design on creating plans for a South Shore Greenway. The plans would define greenways to connect the five towns and tie together their green spaces, parks, beaches, harbors, ferries, train stations, libraries, schools and shops.
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