Crosbie Property Acquisition
Pending Project
Project Description
The Scituate CPC voted to recommend funding of $916,000 to acquire the Crosbie property, consisting of approximately 48 acres located off Clapp Road in the West End. The land has a long boundary with the critical South Swamp on both the east and the south. On the southwest, it abuts land previously purchased with CPC funds and under the care, custody and control of the Conservation Commission. The western boundary consists of additional land owned by the Crosbie family.

Also included in this purchase is the obligation to relocate an existing right of way across property being retained by the Crosbie family that currently provides access to Town-owned Appleton Field. The cost of that right of way relocation is included in the project budget.

The property consists mainly of beautiful, unspoiled woodlands (upland) with some wetland area. Walking trails are already in place. Based on the First Herring Brook Watershed map, approximately one half of the 48 acres is located in the WRPD and the Zone C Groundwater Protection Area. This purchase provides additional protection to the Town’s water supply. The Water Resource Committee supports this purchase, as does the Conservation Commission.

This purchase is consistent with both the Scituate Master Plan and the open space provisions of the Community Preservation Act. It will preserve quality open space, protect wildlife habitat, and support recreational hiking. The CPC has recommended funding of a total of $916,000 for this project, which includes right of way relocation and permitting, appraisal, survey and legal costs. The agreed upon (not to exceed) price for the land is $17,000 per acre or fair market value, whichever is less, to be determined by an independent appraisal. The CPC may also undertake certain engineering to verify acreage and wetlands on this parcel as part of the property appraisal and evaluation process. The applicant has further agreed, assuming Town Meeting approval of the project, to defer closing of the transaction in order to allow the CPC to sponsor an application(s) for possible grant proceeds to assist in this acquisition. Although the Town has recently received a similar grant, there is no assurance that any such grant application will be successful, and the purchase is not being recommended subject to grant approval.

The project qualifies for funding as acquisition of open space under applicable CPA guidelines.