Community Park and Playground
Pending Project
Project Description
The CPC has voted to recommend $297,000 for the construction of a new community park and playground to be located at the rear of the existing Scituate Town Hall.

The proposed project consists of the construction of a new community playground and park on a parcel of land lasted at the Town Hall / High School Campus behind the Town Hall.

The Seaside Playground, which is currently located on the high school campus, is over 15 years old and although it has been a true community asset, it and its elements have become outdated. Certain elements like play-swinging and climbing remain timeless, but technological developments in structures and surfacing materials have greatly enhanced the use, accessibility and safety of playgrounds. It is contemplated that the Seaside Playground would be retired from use after the construction of this project, and the old site of the Seaside Playground would be incorporated into an additional softball field for the High School campus.

The proposed new community playground will be fully handicap accessible, allowing those with disabilities to interact with their peers, using ramps to provide access to elevated platforms. Further, this new and virtually maintenance free project would obviate the need for replacement of wood chips by incorporating a maintenance free and shock absorbent turf like surface, and eliminate any maintenance or injury from the existing wooden play structures. The new plan elements would be of materials and design eliminating injury from splinters etc. associated with wooden and pressure treated structures, as well as providing for an enhanced play experience.

The play components of the playground would be of a quality that could be relocated to a different location in the event of any future development of the Town Hall area into a different or inconsistent use.

The playground should result in a cost savings equal to current town funds expanded for maintenance and repair of the existing Seaside Playground.

The project qualifies for CPA funding as a recreational project on land not previously in recreational use. The project should not result in any increased maintenance costs to the Town, and should in fact result in a cost savings over the existing playground it would replace.