Bjorklund Property Acquisition
Approved - In Progress
Project Description
Bjorklund Property
This project is funding the acquisition of approximately 7.55 acres of undeveloped open space land east of Bates Lane and west of Route 3A from Mr. J. Stephen Bjorklund for a sum not to exceed $128,350.

The CPC voted to acquire the property for the lesser of $17,000 per acre or, its fair market value as determined by independent appraisal and survey to be contracted by the CPC.

The land to be acquired is an attractive parcel consisting almost entirely of upland. The parcel is heavily wooded with an existing nice trail that connects to the Carl Pipes Memorial Trail. It is adjacent to other conservation property in the so-called West End, and is also accessible from Route 3A.

This open space acquisition will preserve quality open space and extend the local trail system for recreational hiking. This parcel meets Community Preservation goals for open space by protecting wildlife habitat and by providing land for passive recreation.

The CPC believes that the price of $17,000 per acre is very reasonable, but has also limited its approval to the fair market value of the property, if for any reason it is less. The applicant has further agreed, assuming Town Meeting approval, to defer payment pending a possible grant application under an existing and funded state grant program, which if successful, would cover up to approximately one-half of the land acquisition costs. Although the Town intends to seek such grant funds, there is no assurance that any such grant proceeds will be awarded.

This project is not expected to require the Town to incur any material future operating or maintenance expense.

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Letters of Support
Conservation Commission
The Conservation Commission has voted to support the purchase of the Bjorklund property off Bates Lane for open space. This property abuts town-owned property and has existing trails on it that will connect nicely with trails on the town property. The property is an area identified by the Scituate Open Space Plan for purchase since the 1980s. We would like CPC to recommend this...
Planning Board
At the December 3, 2009 meeting the Planning Board reviewed the Bjorklund and Wheelwright proposals. The Board voted unanimously in favor of these proposals. The Board voted unanimously in favor of these proposals. These pieces of property are a logical addition to lands already preserved and represent an excellent investment in Scituate's future. These purchases are...