Appleton Property Acquisition
Completed Project
Project Description
The Town purchased the 10 acre parcel of land known as Studley Neck Field and Pasture, located on the Southerly side of Clapp Road ( formerly known as High Street ) with a Deeded Right-of-Way over Crosbie land, voting at the 2003 Annual Town Meeting to use CPA Funding to acquire this property for Open Space Preservation in Perpetuity.

The property owner agreed to sell this environmentally sensitive parcel for significantly less than the appraised value, presenting an opportunity to add to the Town’s inventory of Conservation –Restricted acreage which consists of 4 acres of fields and 6 acres of forest.

This project fully meets the requirements of the Town’s CPC Goals for Open Space by enhancing the quality and variety of passive and active recreational opportunities for Town residents, while protecting environmentally sensitive, historic and culturally significant properties.
Project Update
Since the Town’s purchase of the Appleton Property the Field and Forest have undergone a massive restoration to return the land back into active Agriculture and Forestry along with the creation of walking Trails for the Public and improved Wildlife Habitat.
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