Historic Preservation
Goals and Criteria
The Town of Scituate has a rich diversity of historic resources. The Town’s CPA goals for preserving these historic resources include:

Goal 1:
Protecting historical resources.
Goal 2:
Optimizing the use and enjoyment of the Town’s historic resources for residents and visitors.
Goal 3:
Recognizing, preserving and enhancing the historic heritage and character of the Town of Scituate for current and future generations.

In order for a historic resource to be eligible for CPA funding, it must first be determined to be not just “old” but of historic significance. The burden of proving historic significance is the responsibility of the Applicant. In order to be of historic significance, a property must meet the requirements set forth in the CPA. In deciding whether or not to recommend funding for specific historic resource projects, the CPC may consider:

Level of historical significance
Public benefit
Public support
Appropriateness & professionalism of proposed work (rehabilitation work is expected to comply with Standards for Rehabilitation stated in the United States Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties)
Level of additional financial or in-kind services beyond CPA funds committed to the project
Administrative and financial management capabilities of the Applicant in order to ensure that the project is carried out in a timely manner, and that the historic resource can be maintained for continued public benefit.

PLEASE NOTE: The CPA specifically excludes funding for maintenance. The CPA does allow for the remodeling, reconstruction and making of extraordinary repairs to historic resources for the purpose of making such historic resources functional for their intended use, including but not limited to improvements needed to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act and other federal, state or local building or access codes.