Scituate Community Goals
Preference will be given to proposals that address as many of the following criteria as possible:

The project’s consistency with the Town of Scituate’s Master Plan, Open Space and Recreation Plan and other current planning documents that have received wide scrutiny and input and have been adopted by the Town.

The project helps preserve the essential character of the Town as described in the Master Plan.

The project saves resources that would otherwise be threatened and/or serve a currently under-served population.

The project serves more than one CPA purpose (especially in linking open space, recreation and community housing).

The project meets multiple needs and serves multiple populations.

The project demonstrates practicality and feasibility, and demonstrates that the project can be implemented expeditiously and within budget.

The project produces an advantageous cost/benefit value for the community.

The project can leverage additional public and/or private funds.

The project has or does not have means of financial support for future maintenance.

The project enhances or utilizes currently owned Town assets.

The project’s impact on service to the public.

The project receives endorsement by municipal boards or departments.