CPC Overview
Town of Scituate Community Preservation Project Sign
At Town Meeting in March of 2002 Scituate voted to adopt The COMMUNITY PRESERVATION ACT.

For inspiration and information visit www.communitypreservation.org
The CPA provides a unique funding source for:
• Acquisition, rehabilitation and preservation of open space
• Acquisition, creation and support of community housing
• Acquisition and preservation of historic resources
• Acquisition, creation and rehabilitation of recreational areas
The Community Preservation Committee recommends CPA projects to Town Meeting, which makes the final decision on uses of CPA funds.

Deadline for project submission is:
• October 1 for consideration for recommendation to the spring Annual Town Meeting.

Scituate's Community Preservation Fund is funded by a 3% surcharge on local real estate taxes and generous matching funds from the Commonwealth.

Latest News
CPC application for EEA LAND Grant approved for up to $500,000 in funding on purchase of Wheelwright and Bjorklund properties!
BOSTON – Monday, November 8, 2010 – In keeping with Governor Patrick's unprecedented commitment to preserve open space and improve public parks across the state, Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Secretary Ian Bowles today announced $6.3 million in grants to...
Board Members
Karen Connolly, At-Large, Chairperson
Stephen Coulter, Housing Liaison, Vice Chairperson
Adam Conrad, At-Large
Harvey Gates, Historical Liaison
William Limbacher, Planning Board Liaison
Chris Roberts, Recreation Liaison
David Friedman, At-Large
Marla Minier, At-Large
Frank Snow, Conservation Commission Liaison
Mary Sprague, Administrative Assistant